Erin Gruwell

Keynote #1       Monday 8:45 – 10:15

Becoming a Catalyst for Change 

Description: Erin Gruwell helped 150 of her students – many of whom were written off by the education system – to use the power of education to write a book, graduate from high school and attend college. In her inspiring presentation, Gruwell tells the story of this extraordinary journey – from poverty and despair to hope and promise – with stops at Anne Frank’s House and Auschwitz and then on to Capitol Hill and Congress. Erin challenged her students to overcome the seemingly insurmountable problems of poverty, racism, violence. How can we all become role models for tolerance, respect, and cooperation? Erin Gruwell teaches us all how we can become “Catalysts for Change.” 

Randall Lindsey

Keynote #2      Monday 2:30 – 4:00

Re-Imaging American Exceptionalism: Adapting to Diversity

Description: In this interactive session, Randy makes the case, first, for ‘knowing one’s own cultural story’ being foundational for educator effectiveness in today’s schools. Aligned with knowing one’s own cultural story, Randy will next emphasize the importance for us educators to understand that the arc of history continues to evolve through our political, social, and economic efforts. Randy believes that educators who are equipped with these two pillars of knowledge are poised to be effective in preparing all students to become successful in ways that narrows and closes access and achievement gaps.

Resources: Randall Lindsey Keynote Handout  Randall Lindsey – Book Handout  Randall Lindsey – Focus on Assets

Reuben Jacobson

Key note #3     Tuesday 8:45 – 10:15

Better Together: Students and Families Thriving through Community Schools