Roundtable:  This unique opportunity will allow for Summit attendees to choose specific topics most desirable to each individual. Each roundtable will have a host who will be charged with starting the discussion and leading the discourse to a mutually desired result. Format for the roundtable will be: a brief statement of purpose, focusing the topic, guiding question and then sharing. Although each roundtable host will have initial focus questions to get the discussion started, any question is acceptable and participants are encouraged to come prepared with questions of their own. Facilitators will have note cards for participants to write down and submit their questions to the discussion leader to be included in the discussion.

Roundtable Protocol

Table # Topic Host
1 Teaching student behavior Kristi Eckard
2 Dropout prevention Jamie Gilley
3 Reengagement outreach (dropouts) Heidi Allen
4 Improving Middle School Attendance Audrey Reiken
5 Check and Connect Kay Augustine
6 Check and Connect Sheli Blazic
7 Cultural Proficiency Mike Vukovich
8 Engaging Elem. African American students Barry Jones
9 Targeted School Counseling-Interventions to Close the Gap Amy Abler
10 Students with “Acting out” and “Acting in” disorders Mike Paget
11 MTSS Shelly Bosovich
12 Building relationships & the brains behind it Mary Decker
13 Facilitating meaningful home visits and parent meetings with at-risk students and families Dayna Chandler
14 Rethinking conferences in middle school David Johns
15 Classroom Management for Middle Schoolers Barb Mitchell
16 Reengagement outreach (dropouts) Jeni Courtney
17 Boundaries when using social media with students Carrie Crist
18 Reengagement options and support at Scavo Tamara Cross
19 Explosive children: Preventing meltdowns Lois Brass
20 Restorative Schools Kim Davis
21 Fostering a growth mindset in elementary schools Barb Adams
22 MTSS Pablo Ortega
23 Making data-informed decisions to improve climate, culture and individual student success Heather Farris-vermeer
24 Building positive connections between middle school parents and school staff Amy Halter
25 Tier 2 readiness Tim Lewis
26 Data collection & identification of students for behavior IEPs Tiona Sandbulte
27 Cultural proficiency Aiddy Phomvisay
28 Rigor: The most important tool in the MTSS tool box! Eddie McCulley
29 MTSS Deb Markert
30 Youth Resilience Christian Moore
31 Critical Conversations: Equitable access for all students Mike Lord
32 Improving middle school attendance Maureen Kennedy
33 Best Practices in Improving Student   Behavior: Authentic Learner Engagement Michelle Lettington
34 School Counselor Role in Tier 1 Sarah Majoros
35 4 step problem solving process Judy Elliott
36 Anchoring Commitment to Cultural Proficiency Corey Harris
37 Engaging middle school parents Jennifer Murphy
38 Building positive connections between older students (18+) and school Tyler Navin
39 Reengagement options and support at Scavo Mary O’Hearn
40 Culturally Proficient Leadership Randall Lindsey
41 LGBTQ: Transgendered Student Support Tim Schott
42 Race: Owning the truth through data Corey Data
43 Quality Professional Learning Communities Kathie Danielson
44 Myths of Culturally Proficiency Gilmara Mitchell
45 Race: A Socio-Political Construct Daniel Spikes
46 Authentic student voice Jason Salisbury
47 Meaningful connections with youth Jenn Stalder
48 Engaging elementary age African American boys and bridging the achievement gap Aaron Smith
49 MTSS: Elementary Tier 3 resources and interventions Danny Koss
50 Quality Student Relationships Wes Hall
51 Elizabeth Sloan
52 Engaging elementary parents & helping them overcome negative school experiences Jim Stevens
53 School & community resources and support for pregnant/parenting students Tiffany Strim
54 Social Emotional Laura Fefchak
55 Resources for homeless families Carla Turner
56 MTSS Alyson Finley
57 Creating LGBTQ-Inclusive Environments Alyssa Zimmerman
58 How to build strong partnerships to meet needs of your students Cara Graziano
59 Link Crew-using student mentors to help students transition successfully into high school Lupe Thomason
60 Community Schools Leadership Reuben Jacobson
61 Building Data-Driven Community Partnerships Vanessa Howell
62 Before and After School Care: Untapped Potential Allyson Vukovich
63 Community in Schools: Doing the work Jill Padgett
64 Building a Full-Service Community School Lyn Marchant
65 Community Schools: High School Chuck Mercer
66 Community Schools: Elementary Bobbie Jo Sheridan
67 Building Successful Business Partnerships Gretchen Critelli
68 21st Century Community Learning Centers Heidi Brown
69 Engaging Families through Community Schools Julanda Taylor
70 MTSS and Mental Health Emily Donovan
71 Do Black Lives Really Matter? Ryan Williamson
72 Conversations on LGBTQ Youth Stacey Haylett
73 Post-Secondary Education outside Traditional College Jill Hartung
74 Behavior Charts in Classrooms Barbara Hogan
75 Elementary Small Group Counseling Nyla Mowery
76 Social Emotional Stacie Nessa
77 Quality core mental health instruction Jen Gilmore
78 Trauma informed communities Saida Abdi
79 Relational Skills of Middle School Girls Joy Erzinger
80 Mental Health Concerns with High Achieving Students Kris Hilton and Jessica Gogerty