The Des Moines Public Schools is determined to improve School Climate and Culture through professional development, skill building and the application of best practices and research. Experts within the field of School Improvement agree that a positive School Climate and Culture is key to any sustained District, School and Student improvements. The conditions in which students learn and school staff work, are foundational and inexplicitly linked to student outcomes. Long term and sustainable success occur when adults, students and the community work together to create a positive school climate.

The Des Moines Public Summit will bring educators and stakeholders from around the United States to work side-by-side with Global and National experts addressing 5 major strands and 5 supporting subtopics:

Health and Wellbeing
Safety  and Security
Belonging and Community Building
Relative and Rigorous Instruction

Social and Emotional Learning
Policy and Governance
Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS)
Leadership (Student and Staff)
New To Education