Breakout 3


1:00 to 1:50 PM

Room 307

Presenter: Emily Lang | Kristopher Rollins

Title: Creating Save and Brave Spaces

Description: “This workshop will provide strategies and techniques for establishing and maintaining safe and brave spaces we share with young people during the school day or in after-school settings.”

Room 309

Presenter: Connie Ryan

Title: Understand Challenges faced by religious minorities

Description: What is it like to be a student in a public school when you are also part of a religious minority? What are the challenges and how can teachers and staff make a real difference in creating a learning environment that respects all faith traditions and beliefs? Leaders from the Jewish, Muslim and Sikh communities will join the session to offer their insight.

Room 312

Presenters: Brian Mendler

Title: Power Struggles Unplugged

Description: This high-energy session teaches specifically how to defuse power struggles with any student, in any situation, at any time with our proven step by step process. Discover two words guaranteed to stop mouthy kids in their tracks. Learn exactly what to say when removing a student so they want to return to your class.

Resources: Brian Mendler Handout

Room 315

Presenters: Steve Korr

Title: Restorative Leadership

Description: In this breakout session participants will explore the “why”, “what” and “how” of restorative leadership. Through interactive discussion and self-reflective activities, participants will deepen their understanding of the use of restorative practices at the staff level to manage and sustain complex organizational change.


Room 316

Presenter: Joel Pedersen

Title: Culture is Contagious

Description: Have you ever been asked to improve a toxic culture? Joel will share his own experiences, ideas and practical examples that will help you take your organizational culture to the next level. Topics that will be discussed include: benefits of emotionally intelligent leadership, ideas for dealing with toxic school culture and the importance of happiness in schools.

Room 317

Presenter: Carrie Bauer

Title: Children & Change: Helping Children Cope with Grief

Description: Children of all ages grieve, and it is important to remember that no child is “too young” to grieve. During this presentation, we will identify children’s normal reactions to loss, change, and death, focusing on their developmental stages and understanding of death. We will also discuss the many feelings children may have after a death, and how to help them process these feelings. We will touch on the unique needs of children after traumatic deaths including suicide, and the best ways to support them during these specific situations.

Room 320

Presenter: Vinh Nguyen

Title: Refugee Simulation: A day in my life

Description: This session helps participants to understand what refugees have to go through as they integrate to the new setting. What can we do to support their journeys to be successful?