Breakout 4


2:00 to 2:50 PM

Room 307

Presenter: Emily Lang | Kristopher Rollins

Title: Creating Save and Brave Spaces

Description: “This workshop will provide strategies and techniques for establishing and maintaining safe and brave spaces we share with young people during the school day or in after-school settings.”

Room 309

Presenter: Connie Ryan

Title: But what about my religious freedom?

Description:  The First Amendment provides for one of our most cherished freedoms; the right to religious freedom. How can public schools create a welcoming environment and protect the religious freedom rights of students? 

Room 312

Presenter: Brian Mendler

Title: The Teacher that Changed my Life 

Description: Plagued by severe undiagnosed ADHD and reading difficulties, I began disrupting class in 4th grade. I called teachers names, flipped over desks, and loved to break rules. I was kicked out of school in the middle of 6th grade. Two weeks later in a brand new school I had one teacher dramatically change my life. He did in about five minutes what nobody had done between kindergarten and 6th grade. And the amazing thing is that it is something any of you can do with any of your students immediately! Do you want to know what he did? Do not miss this session!

Resources: Brian Mendler Handout

Room 315

Presenter: Steve Korr

Title: Restorative Practices in School 

Description: This session will discuss what needs to happen in a school in order for it to become truly restorative. Participants will explore the potential positive outcomes of restorative practices, as well as the process for understanding and managing change. Participants will leave with practical steps for achieving a restorative culture in their school setting.


Room 316

Presenter: Joel Pedersen

Title: Culture is Contagious

Description: Have you ever been asked to improve a toxic culture? Joel will share his own experiences, ideas and practical examples that will help you take your organizational culture to the next level. Topics that will be discussed include: benefits of emotionally intelligent leadership, ideas for dealing with toxic school culture and the importance of happiness in schools.

Room 317

Presenter: Carrie Bauer

Title: Children & Change: Helping Children Cope with Grief

Description: Children of all ages grieve, and it is important to remember that no child is “too young” to grieve. During this presentation, we will identify children’s normal reactions to loss, change, and death, focusing on their developmental stages and understanding of death. We will also discuss the many feelings children may have after a death, and how to help them process these feelings. We will touch on the unique needs of children after traumatic deaths including suicide, and the best ways to support them during these specific situations.

Room 320

Presenter: Vinh Nguyen

Title: A Refugee Experience

Description: The goal of this session is to raise an awareness about the plight of refugees and their struggles to survive.